CES Handbook

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In an effort to improve communications with you, the elementary staff has compiled this student handbook. We hope it will help you be aware of procedures and policies at Council Elementary School.

Please refer to it if you have any questions. If you find that specific items are not covered, please let us know for future revisions.

Changes and revisions are made to the handbook each year, so please read the entire handbook carefully with your child.

We appreciate your support,

The Council Elementary School Staff


Dear Parents and Guardians,

The school district does not provide any type of health or accident insurance for injuries incurred by children at school. Because children are particularly susceptible to injuries, we encourage you to review your present health and accident insurance program to determine if your coverage is adequate.


If you do not feel your insurance is adequate because of a deductible or coinsurance clause or if you do not have insurance, we encourage you to review the student insurance programs.

School offices have information on two student insurance programs. United Healthcare Insurance can be reached at www.k12StudentInsurance.com or for questions call 1-866-409-5733. For information on the Idaho Health Plan Coverage for Children go to www.healthandwelfare.idaho.gov or Dial 1-800-926-2588.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Edmunson, Superintendent/Secondary Principal

Mrs. Grooms, Elementary Principal


Show Respect – Exhibit Character – Reap Success


Melissa Roundtree - Fruitvale - Zone I

Julie Pate - Hornet Ck./Bear - Zone II

Shawn Stanford - East Council - Zone III

Michael Paradis - Central - Zone IV

Bob Grossen, Chair - Goodrich - Zone V


The Council School District operates a pupil transportation system for those students who live at least one and one half miles from school. Students who live more that one and one half miles from an approved bus stop may be required to furnish their own transportation to the bus stop. They may petition the Board for reimbursement.

The daily bus trip to and from school can be a good social experience, provided the bus is safely regulated. Safety is the most important factor in the school transportation program. The conduct of the students on the buses determines, to a large extent, the effectiveness of safety. When the students conduct themselves well, safety hazards are greatly reduced. Unsatisfactory conduct by the pupil increases dangerous situations.

Students who do not respect the rights and safety of others by failing to observe the Rules of Proper Bus Conduct must expect to forfeit the privilege of riding the buses provided by the School District.

Rules of Proper Conduct – Behavior on the Bus:

1. Obey all rules given by the driver.


3. Keep hands, head & arms inside the bus at all times.

4. Be courteous, polite to all students and drivers.

5. Stay in your seat at all times, including until the bus comes to a complete stop.

6. Be on time for boarding the bus.

7. Observe good pedestrian practices when approaching the bus.

8. Respect all property: No destruction or vandalism

9. Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are prohibited.

10. Assume the responsibility for the safety of everyone.

Consequences for Violating Rules:

Step 1: Driver talks to student

Step 2: Driver calls parent/guardian (with documentation)

Step 3: Driver writes a referral, turns in to school (written up)

Step 4: Conference with driver, principal, and parent

Step 5: Suspended from riding for three days

Step 6: Suspended from riding for one month (20 days)

Step 7: Suspended from riding for the remainder of the school year

Beginning with the second offense, parents will be notified of each infraction thereafter.

Severe Clause: Any behavior, which causes or could cause excessive harm or danger, will result in immediate suspension from riding the bus.


Council elementary has several avenues to communicate with parents. Those most commonly used are:

  • School Menus w/Calendar of Events

  • CSD Website – csd13.org (Access through Google Chrome)

  • Thursday Folders

  • Written Notes

  • Phone Conferences

  • Personal Conferences

  • Email

If you would like to speak with any school official, or your child’s teacher, please call the school office at 253-4223. If the person you wish to speak to is unavailable, we will make an appointment for you.


In order to avoid disruptions in the classroom we ask that parents register new students in the office, obtain a supply list, and come by the classroom for introductions. The student can then return to school the following school day.


  • The main doors of the building will be open at 7:45 a.m.

  • There is no supervision before 7:45 a.m.  In order to ensure your child’s safety do not drop them off or send them before 7:45 a.m.

Breakfast will be served at 7:45. Students will be admitted into the classrooms no earlier than 8:05 a.m. A student is tardy when they are not in the room when the class begins at 8:10 a.m. Part of our teaching responsibility is to teach students to be prompt and accept the responsibility of arriving on time. We would appreciate your cooperation as parents. If your child will be absent from school, please call the school office by 8:15 a.m. at 253-4223.


Arrival – Students need to arrive at school NO EARLIER than 7:45 a.m. There will be no adult supervision prior to 7:45. Breakfast will be served from 7:45 to 8:05 a.m. Class will begin at 8:05 a.m.

  • Kindergarten-6th grade  8:05 a.m. – 3:50 p.m.  Mon.-Thurs.

  • Pre-School 8:05 a.m. -10:30 a.m Mon.-Thurs.

  • Pre-K  12:30 p.m.- 3:55 p.m.  Mon.-Thurs.

Lunch and Noon Recess

  • Lunch Grades K-2  Lunch: 11:20  to 11:35  Recess:11:35-11:55

  • Lunch Grades 3-4  Lunch: 11:30 to 11:45  Recess: 11:45 to 12.05

  • Lunch Grades 5-6  Lunch: 11:40 to 11:55    Recess: 11:55 to 12:15

Dismissal   Students are released at 3:55

There will be no supervision after 4:00 p.m.

Pickup and drop off

All students are to be dropped off and picked up in the paved parking lot located on the northeast side of the building.  No parking in front of the gates or island, as this is a pull through area.  Parents are not to enter the east parking lot area as this is the bus pickup and drop off area


Recess in an important part of the day for children. Recesses are held outside and ALL STUDENTS WILL BE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE. Please make sure your child is dressed properly, having boots, hats, gloves, etc. on cold days. Students will not be allowed in the classroom during recess.

  • Students must have permission from the duty teacher to leave the playground for any reason.

  • No food or beverages will be allowed on the playground.


  • Student Breakfast: Free

  • Adult Breakfast: $2.20

  • Student Lunch – CES: $2.60

  • Student Lunch – CHS: $3.00

  • Reduced Meals -$.40

  • Adult Lunch $4.00

  • Milk: $.35

  • School meals and milk may be purchased in advance or on a daily basis.

  • Payments for student meals may be made online through the Parent Portal in TylerSis

  • Free and reduced meal Applications can be completed online at http://csd13.schoollunchapp.com Applications are also available in the school offices and can be submitted as needed throughout the school year. Applications must be renewed every year.

  • Appropriate behavior is expected in the lunchroom.

Please read CSD Meal Information. It is located in registration packets and is also on our website csd13.org in the sidebar under Quick Links – What’s for Lunch?


Council School District has set the following policy for attendance for students in grades 1-6:

  • Students will be counted absent when they are not in school.

Elementary students who miss more than nine days in any one semester may be required to meet with the attendance committee. Any student who misses eighteen or more days for the school year may be required to meet with the attendance committee and a promotion/retention recommendation will be made to the Council Board of Trustees. Considerations for promotion/retention will be based on:

1) Reasons for the absences;

2) The amount of work which the student has successfully completed;

3) The student’s attendance pattern in previous years;

4) Student grades during current and previous years; and

5) Maturity level of the student and his/her readiness to be successful in the next grade level.

Recommendations of the elementary attendance committee will be noted on the student’s report card.

Students who are absent from school for five consecutive days without prior arrangements will be dropped from enrollment.


We have adopted six rules. The rules are:

  1. I will follow directions.

  2. I will keep my feet, hands and objects to myself.

  3. I will respect everyone. That means no fighting, name-calling or teasing.

  4. I will not encourage bullying. That means no name-calling or teasing.

  5. I will talk quietly when I am supposed to and listen while others are talking.

  6. I will be prepared to learn. That means I have all my materials and myself ready.


Students, who consistently violate school rules, or those who exhibit severe discipline problems, will be dealt with using the School Discipline Code adopted by Council Elementary School.

The School Discipline Code involves a series of steps and consequences for inappropriate behavior


The Teach To’s specifically teach the behavior to be used in every setting in the building.   Hallway behavior, bathroom behavior, lunchroom behavior and entering or exiting the building are examples of settings in which we directly teach the desired  behavior.

The Teach tos’ allow staff and students throughout the building to understand a universal code of behavior that creates a safe, friendly, and positive learning environment.


Again, the basic rules will be followed. We believe every child has the right to learn, and every teacher the right to teach without disruptions. Students need to be quiet and considerate in the hallways, bathrooms, library, and lunchroom.


The basic rules apply as we work with an underlying idea that every person has the RIGHT to be physically safe from harm and/or threats from others. The people in charge of the playground will be respected and their directions followed or the student will lose their playground privilege. Students must respect school property at all times.


All students who attend Council Elementary School have the right to learn in an environment that is free of unwelcome harassing, bullying, threats, taunting, hazing, and intimidation. These behaviors interfere with the ability of the school to accomplish its mission, which is to educate students in a safe and secure environment. Harassment is prohibited and is defined as any intimidating or taunting behavior or conduct. Harassment can be either written, verbal, physical, or symbolic gestures by a student towards another person that is critical, demeaning, disparaging, derogatory, defamatory, or humiliating or another person because of the person’s race, religious beliefs, gender, family heritage, nationality, and/or physical or mental characteristics or capacity. Discipline for students who violate this policy may include suspension or expulsion, depending on the nature and severity of the offense. Students who experience harassment or witness it are asked to inform an administrator or teacher as soon as possible.


Teachers will recognize students in the areas of academics, citizenship, and improvement each month. Assemblies will be held the last Tuesday of each month at 3:15 pm.

6th Grade Presidential Award Criteria: Beginning in the 4th grade, students who have a 3.5 GPA and score “Advanced” in reading or math (for all three years) on the state assessment are eligible for this award.


Extended Time after school K-6 grades 4:00-4:30 pm.


Federal law states that any student who brings a firearm onto school grounds will be automatically suspended for no less than one year.



In grades 4-6 midterm progress reports will be sent out. It is the student’s responsibility to complete all assignments before the progress report is sent out. Assigned homework must be turned in by the due date. Grades will be negatively affected by late or missing assignments.


Teachers spend a considerable amount of time putting together work for students who are absent from school. Students who are absent are expected to complete and return all missed assignments within one day for each day missed. Work not returned will result in a decrease in the student’s grade.


We depend on parents’ good judgment to help their child in selecting satisfactory clothing for a day at school. No hats will be allowed in the building, except on spirit day Thursday. DRESS YOUR CHILD FOR SUCCESS and the weather. Shirt sleeves must be at least a dollar bill’s width. Shorts and skirts must be no more than a dollar bill’s width above the knee. Jeans with excessive holes are not allowed. Shorts are allowed in August, September, May and June. Flip-flops are not allowed for safety reasons.


Money, textbooks, or other valuables should be taken to the office. Library books should be taken to the Library.

All coats, sweatshirts, etc should have your child’s last name on them. Lost & Found items will be kept for 1 week, if items do not have a name in or on them and are left unclaimed they will be donated to the local thrift store. 


In order to avoid loss of valuable property we ask that you do not allow your child to bring cell phones, walk-mans, CD players, radios, electronic toys, trading cards, etc. to school.


Bicycles are to be placed in the racks provided on the school grounds. The school cannot be responsible for lost or stolen bicycles. Bikes are to be walked onto the school grounds before or just after school. This is for the children’s protection. Bicycles are not allowed on the playground.


Students are not allowed to chew gum at any location on the school grounds. Students who bring their lunches from home may have candy, juice, or pop as part of their lunch. However, they will only be allowed to eat candy or drink pop or juice in the lunchroom during their regular lunch period. Exceptions may be made for parties and special events.


We will discourage your child from phoning you from school for trivial reasons. Arrangements for students to go somewhere out of the ordinary after school should be made at least a day in advance. 


All visitors must sign in at the office and wear a visitor’s badge.

Parents are welcome to visit classes any time except during periods of testing. Please check with the teacher regarding the classroom schedule so testing is not interrupted.

Please make an appointment if you desire a conference with your child’s teacher other than regularly scheduled conferences. The visiting of classes by students from outside our student body is not allowed.


The school has a great responsibility for your child’s safety. Therefore, all children are required to stay on the school grounds from the time they arrive at school until they are dismissed at the end of the day. Students needing to leave the building for any reason need to be signed out in the office by a parent or guardian.

If someone other than a parent/legal guardian wishes to pick up a child from school, please call the secretary or send a note granting permission to your child’s teacher.

Please send a note to the school if your child is not following their normal routine after school – i.e. going to a friend’s house. A note will be required for your student to ride the bus to any place other than home.


If your child’s birthday falls on a school day and you wish to send treats, please notify the teacher. Please do not send birthday invitations to school unless the whole class is invited. Please send extra for any new students.


There will be three special occasion parties during the year. These include Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. (End of the year activities will be planned by individual teachers.) Parents are encouraged to participate. Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to help with a party. We encourage parents to provide healthy snacks and treats.


We will administer simple first-aid only. Your child will be cared for temporarily by a staff member and you will be notified. If you cannot be located, your family doctor will be called and your child will be taken to this doctor or to the emergency room of a hospital, unless you have given written instructions to the contrary. It is extremely important that the school has the name of another party to call in case of illness or injury and you cannot be located. This is why we must have your current home and business phone numbers.

Students needing medication while at school must have a statement of permission signed by the parent/legal guardian. A prescription bottle with the student’s name and dosage is required and a signed permission slip must be on file in the office. No over-the-counter medication will be administered at school.


In an effort to prevent an outbreak, all students will be checked periodically for head lice. Our policy states that students will be “nit” free to attend school. Students with lice or nits will be sent home. Students will be readmitted to school once they are clean of all nits and lice.


Help your child select the safest route to and from school, and insist that it be followed. A good practice is to set a definite time for your child to arrive at home from school. Students need to avoid the bus road at the west end of the high school at all times. There is no student pick up or drop off allowed on the west side of the school.  Drop off and pick up is only on the east end of the school. Students need to walk their bikes on school grounds. Unless your children are involved in after-school activities or afterschool tutoring, they need to go directly home after school. There is no supervision after 4:00 p.m.


Extra-curricular activities are an extension of the school day and students are expected to behave appropriately. Students are expected to participate as responsible fans, watching the activity and not running around the building or grounds. If students do not behave appropriately they will not be allowed to attend extra- curricular activities without an adult.


Council School District practices the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle). There are recycling bins throughout both buildings for recycling recyclables.

CES School Discipline Code – Grades 1-4

CES School Discipline Code – Grades 5 & 6