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Welcome to third grade

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Welcome to a new exciting school year. Each new class brings new challenges and accomplishments.  I look forward to assisting you and your student in their social and academic development, while having the opportunity to stimulate their minds and building on the strengths you have given them.

It is important that you and I are a team in the development of your child.  I am committed in involving you in the educational program of your child and keeping you informed on a weekly basis.  There are new systems and technology that has made it easier to stay in contact with one another.  Please contact me anytime about your child’s development and growth during the school year. I encourage parents to stop by the classroom to watch us in action.

The students and I will create a safe and positive climate in the classroom.  This is an environment that will be conducive to learning on a daily basis.  I pride myself in having a safe and accountable classroom.  The classroom works on positive behavior.  Students are encouraged to behave with honesty and respect to others while being accountable for their actions.  Students that are unable to participate in keeping a safe and learning environment will be removed from the classroom.

Student’s accomplishments are assessed through informal observations, weekly  task assignments, weekly and monthly tests of subject matter and, state and district assessment testing.  If at any time you would like to discuss your student’s behavior or academics please contact me.

Together we will keep the student’s dream alive by opening future doors in education with new learning strategies that they will use throughout their educational experiences.


. I have been in education for 12 years as a classroom teacher, and Title 1. For the past seven years I have had the opportunity to teach third grade in Council, Idaho I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2003 and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education in the spring of 2009.  I have also spent over ten years coaching youth baseball programs.  This is where my passion began to teach young people.  The joy and fulfillment of watching young people grow and accomplish their dreams is invaluable.

Education can give individuals opportunities and help fulfill the American Dream.  I feel that children are our future.  It is my responsibility to help them grow into functional and participating individuals in society.  I feel that they should be educationally and ethically responsible to themselves and others.  The dream is alive in children and I want to contribute in keeping that dream alive.