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Mrs. Trista Robbins

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Agriculture and Life Sciences Instructor

Horticulture and Floral Design Instructor

Speech & Personal Skills Instructor


I grew up on a farm in Rexburg, Idaho where I learned to work hard from my parents. They gave me the opportunity to explore my passions and interests, and the drive to achieve my goals. I love animals and because of this passion, I have cared for several different species of animals including; cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, foxes, sheep, goats, pigs, mini horses and horses. 

I graduated from Madison High School in the year 2000! When the world did not end, I decided to continue my education and life experiences.  I received my Bachelors Degree in Animal Science from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2006, and a Master's Degree in Animal Endocrinology from the University of Idaho in 2010.

I have been working in the Agriculture industry exporting and importing animals from all over the world for the past 9 years and continue to help within that area.

My husband John and I have 3 small children who are just starting their education! We enjoy working with them on our ranch, where we can give them the same work ethic and passion that we were given as children. We love beef cows, dogs, horses, hunting, fishing and just being in the mountains!         

                                                              Go Lumberjacks!