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Family and Consumer Science (FCS) Classes:

Occupational Foods

  • Occupational Foods provides students with a foundation in professional food preparation with practical application in career opportunities, reinforced basic skills, food safety and sanitation, use of commercial equipment, industrial food preparation, business management, service techniques and employability skills. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, FCCLA, leadership activities are an integral part of this course. Food Production, Management and Services may articulate to a culinary arts program at a postsecondary technical college.  The students will earn their Idaho Ready, Set, Food Safe certification and receive ServSafe training with an option to test for their national certification.

 Exploratory FCS (8th Grade)

  • Exploratory Family and Consumer Sciences is a course designed to be offered to junior high students.  The course was designed to be an opportunity for self discovery and personal development. The emphasis of the course will be to develop knowledge and skills in the area of personal development, careers, textiles, family relationships, personal finances, personal living space, foods, and wellness. FCCLA will be integrated into this course.

Foods and Nutrition

  • Nutrition, Fitness & Foods is a beginning course taught designed to address nutrition, wellness, and foundational food preparation. Content emphasis includes nutrition, health and wellness practices, food safety and sanitation, and career options in nutrition and related fields.

Food Science

  • The focus of this course is on the biology and chemical basis of nutrition, food preparation, preservation, processing, and related consumer topics. Food scientists use scientific methods to conduct lab experiments with food. The preparation of edible food products is not the primary purpose of a food science course, although such products may be the result of experiments performed. Activities and experiments integrate science, mathematics, and language arts. The course provides an option for students to earn a lab science credit for college/university admission when taught by a Family and Consumer Sciences instructor with a Natural Science endorsement. Students with interest/career plans in food science or dietetics will benefit from this course.


  • Students will learn the skills necessary for a career in the fast growing textiles industry.  Students will learn how to design and sew; apply the elements and principles of design in various aspects of the textiles industry; know the general characteristics, production, and maintenance of textiles and textile products; study and analyze textile trends; demonstrate basic knowledge of art elements and design principles and demonstrate the skills and procedures necessary for sales and marketing in the textiles industry. Students will use their skills to construct textile products.  Council High Students have access to state of the art quilting machines that they may use to finish their constructed projects.

Ms. Cook’s primary position for the Council School District is Family & Consumer Science teacher.  In addition she is the Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America adviser, 7th grade class adviser and CEA president.  Ms. Cook was born and raised in Council, Idaho.  After high school she attended the University of Idaho and earned her undergraduate degree in Family & Consumer Science education.