• To become the highest performing small school district in the state.
  • All students will be prepared for further training after high school.
  • All students will be literate – can demonstrate abilities in reading, writing, and math.


  • Basic Curriculum – A basic curriculum must remain strong in core academic areas, the arts, and vocational opportunities.
  • Discipline –  We believe that everyone has a right to learn and teach in a safe and respectful environment.
  • Effective Communication – Effective communication must be open, meaningful, and on going between students, teachers, administration, parents, and community.
  • Basic Values – We strive to teach our students to demonstrate the characteristics of honesty and integrity, possess a strong work ethic, be accountable, show self-respect and respect to others, have the ability to set and attain goals, and produce quality work.
  • Work Force Skills – We believe our students will have a foundation to meet current and future requirements in the work force.
  • Responsible Citizenship – We believe that students should demonstrate the skills needed for a democratic society through an understanding of our government and knowledge of other forms of government, current events, and responsibility to self and nation.
  • Safe Environment – Our schools will provide a safe environment, physically, socially, and emotionally.
  • Current Technology – We believe that students should have a firm foundation with technology in order to live and work in today’s and tomorrow’s world.